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Keychains for Sale

In order: red panda, noodle dragon, bat, dumbo octopus, and shiba inu.

I made these acrylic keychains through Ink It Labs for a 2015 anime convention. (If you like them, there are still some for sale! The red panda and noodle dragon are almost completely sold out though.)

I was so nervous getting these produced – acrylic keychains are not cheap to make. But they turned out jaw-droppingly gorgeous and managed to pay for their own production run at the convention, which I never expected! It was my first time selling at a con and I was so relieved to not only break even, but make a profit with these little critters.

I’d love to produce more designs in the future, such as the lammergeier and fennec fox. Maybe a Kickstarter could help cover initial production costs.