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Fear Con Roundup

A rundown/review of our experience selling at Fear Con for the very first time! I was not sure what to expect, as I’d only talked with one other person who had sold there… and their experience was negative. But I thought it would be hard to go wrong with cute Halloween-themed stuff at a Halloween-themed convention.

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AWU 2019 Setup

Our setup at AWU! They had power available, so I was able to set up my computer monitor so people could watch me draw real-time. It was also our first time using the photo backdrop to hold prints and we didn’t have a good way to put our banner on it, but the people behind us were incredibly kind and let us tape our banner to the back of theirs. 😂

Yesterday went incredibly well, and I’m excited to see how today goes! I love being able to meet people and share in the love of cute animals.

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We’re Live!

Finally, my Storenvy shop has closed its doors and this site is officially open to the public! Please let me know if anything breaks for you!

This move was a long time coming… I make websites for a living, so it’s kind of nuts that I was using a box solution for my own store and letting Storenvy’s commission fees eat up ~9% of people’s payments. Anyway, I’ve finally set up my own self-hosted solution and it’s already way nicer to use. This move will also make it easier to program some cool YCH-esque stuff I have in mind for the future.

Now to settle in and work out all the bugs. I wanted to have this done BEFORE FanX… oh well.

RIP, Storenvy store. You served me well for many years.

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FanX Spring 2019

I was beyond nervous selling at a convention again after 3-ish years of inactivity, but FanX went fantastically! I got in touch with so many amazing creators and was able to catch up with a ton of people.

Sinnfinity and Phix were a huge help in getting the booth set up/taken down and keeping things running while I ran to the bathroom… I am in their eternal debt. We finally figured out how to keep proper inventory while not holding up the customers, and I got tons of tips and am now super motivated to overhaul my booth (I really need one of those backdrops) and try some new techniques next time. Once again it felt like I was losing my voice, but it’s just because I was speaking all day long when I usually don’t!

It surprises me (being an introvert) how much I love selling at conventions. Exhausting, but wonderful. Thank you to everyone who visited, said hi, and bought stuff!

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Even More Conventions

It’s official: I managed to snag a spot at Anthro Weekend Utah! Did NOT expect my waitlist sign-up to accomplish anything, but it did. So I’ll be selling cool furry stuff in July! I’ve been spending time with the Utah furry scene recently and it’s been such a great experience to be around other creative types who love bright and happy cartoon animals. Everyone’s been so kind and supportive.

Speaking of conventions, finally hit my gotta-get-it-printed-or-it-won’t-arrive-in-time deadline for FanX. It’s kind of a relief. Was getting burned out trying to squeeze in a million last-minute designs but now I can stop.

It’s all a little intimidating… at the start of this year I was planning to ease in slow, selling at a single small one-day convention… now I’ve got 3 lined up and probably another one I’m going to sell at in the fall.